Positive Recreational Activities

Participation in positive activities is a protective factor in the prevention of delinquency.  Such involvement can often help youth develop a positive peer group and provide the presence of a caring adult, also protective factors in the prevention of delinquency.

Our Outdoor Adventure Program incorporates fishing, canoeing, and bicycle outings and provides a number of benefits for youth:

  • Fosters the development of life-long positive leisure activities
  • Allows youth to experience small successes, which can lead to increased self-esteem
  • Teaches important life skills such as cooperation and communication.

Youth from the Franklin School-Based Case Management Program (Delinquency Prevention) on their annual fishing trip.

Communication and cooperation - two important skills needed to make a canoe go in the right direction!

Individual memberships to recreation centers are also provided by the Foundation.

  • Youth have a safe haven to have fun appropriately.
  • Youth are involved in positive activities.
  • Youth affiliate with a positive peer group.