Franklin School-Based Case Management Program

Meet Chris.  Chris is a thriving student at Hampton University, having enrolled as a music major in 2010.  But just a few years ago, things were not quite so bright.  In middle school, Chris hit a rough patch, and was at-risk of having real problems in school.

Chris received services through the Franklin School-Based Case Management Program – and he certainly made the most of it.  In addition to getting the support and extra guidance that he needed from the program’s case manager, Chris also received an arts scholarship from Tidewater Youth Services Foundation.  You see, Chris is a talented trumpet player.  But back in 2006, he did not own a trumpet and was playing on an old, borrowed instrument.  The Foundation purchased a new trumpet for Chris and he used his talent – and his new instrument – to create a bright future for himself.  He is attending Hampton University on a music scholarship – and still playing the same trumpet.  We are delighted at his success!

The School-Based Case Management Program has two main goals:  Promotion to the next grade in school, and prevention of involvement in the juvenile justice system.  With special attention paid to school attendance and behavior, grade point average, involvement in positive activities, family support and advocacy, the Franklin School-Based Case Management Program produces real, measurable outcomes in helping at-risk youth succeed.

Curt More, Probation Supervisor for the 5th Judicial District Court Service Unit, made the following comment in a letter of support, “The Franklin School-Based Case Management Program should receive national recognition and become a model program for duplication in other states.  It does what it was designed to do and it does it well.” 

The Franklin School-Based Program has been helping kids for over ten years, thanks to generous philanthropic support from many sources, including the Franklin Southampton Area United Way, Franklin Southampton Charities, and the Camp Foundations.  We are very grateful for this generous support!

If you want to help other young people like Chris grow into successful adults, there are several ways to help:

  • Sponsor a child’s participation in the program for 9 – 12 months.  The cost per child is $2000.
  • Underwrite the program’s annual fishing trip on the Chesapeake Bay, which is attended by the children, the Case Manager, and members of the court services unit, providing a very positive way for highly at-risk children to interact with caring adults.  This trip is something that most of these children have never/will never experience and is always a highlight of the summer.  The cost of the trip is $750.

  • Underwrite the cost of one or more group summer art classes at d’ArtCenter in downtown Norfolk.  These classes provide an opportunity for children to experience and develop a positive leisure activity, which is a protective factor in the prevention of delinquency.  Each class costs $17 per student, for a cost of $170 – $255 for ten to fifteen children to attend.
  • Provide funding for one or more pro-social summer outings for the group.  Each outing costs approximately $100.
  • Establish a scholarship fund for students who are served by the School-Based Program and then graduate from high school and pursue college.
  • Partner with us to provide tours of your business and/or community service opportunities.
  • Provide a financial gift of any amount to help at-risk Franklin youth become productive members of the community.