Other Initiatives

Tidewater Youth Services Foundation also supports our public partner and helps at-risk and court involved youth in the following ways:

  • Staff and Program Development
    –  To effectively impact the lives of youth, it is imperative that programming be based on research and sound therapeutic principles and that staff members are qualified, experienced, dedicated, well-trained, and educated.
    –  The TYS Foundation addresses this area by funding high quality staff training and by maintaining a staff resource library.
  • Family and Client Assistance
    –  Economic deprivation is a risk factor for delinquency.  Many of the youth and families we serve struggle financially.
    –  Tidewater Youth Services Foundation maintains a small fund to assist with one-time emergency needs, such as helping with utilities or rent.
    –  The TYS Foundation maintains a food pantry to assist our needy clients and their families.
    Click here to read letters from families who received assistance.
  • Dignity and Self-Esteem
    –  A feeling of self-worth is essential to positive youth development and has been identified as a protective factor in the prevention of delinquency.
    –  The TYS Foundation addresses this area by providing clothing and meeting other personal needs of clients, improving the physical environment of group homes, and hosting Cultural Arts and Youth Recognition Night.