Friends of TYS

Junior Board for the Tidewater Youth Services Foundation Board of Directors

Friends of the Tidewater Youth Services Foundation consist of business leaders, young professionals, and others with an emerging  interest in philanthropy who are interested in forwarding the mission of the Tidewater Youth Services.

Friends of the Tidewater Youth Services Foundation have three primary goals:

–  Raise Awareness
–  Raise Funds
–  Volunteer

Here’s just a few of the ways the group achieves these goals:

Promoting the TYS Foundation through social networking;

Volunteering and inviting friends to Foundation events;
Sharing individual skills through a speakers’ bureau;
Providing in-kind support in keeping with the individual’s area of expertise;
Promoting the TYS Foundation within their own workplace by:

– Raising awareness about our organization and our mission
– Sharing information about our participation in workplace charitable campaigns
– Sharing information on volunteer opportunities/needs.

“The Friends group is a great bunch of people committed to ‘walking the walk.’  And with our help, young men and women are now walking toward a brighter day.”

Ted Bartlett, Recruiting Chair

Chris Old
SECEP, Assistant Director for Human Resources and Support Services
Resident of Suffolk

Chris is the Assistant Director for Human Resources and Support Services at the Southeastern Cooperative Educational Programs. He has always had a passion for kids that have needs beyond the norm. Chris started his career in residential programs, and has spent most of his career working with kids at SECEP. 

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